Why Trusting Local Companies is a Rule…


Many of us, whether we’re looking for an appliance repair or a bicycle pump, love to see the words “local business.” It’s a given that locals should support local businesses, and I have a prime example of that (more on this in a bit). But why? That question is the subject of this post.

I’ve only thought about this somewhat recently, so forgive me if my ideas seem a little scattered, but it’s something I want to discuses nonetheless. Why do we stride for the local business when often the national ones are cheaper and more experienced? The obvious answer is local pride. People in Portland OR for example would much rather give their money to a local business owner than a some international giant who really doesn’t need the money. But I think there’s more to it, and for a good reason. I’ll keep using Portland OR as an example, because that city is awesome!

Before I get into what I think is the most major reason why people in any given location would rather do business with a locally owned and operated company, let me share a list of some other minor reasons I thought of.

A List of Reasons Why People Support Local Business

  • We might personally know the business owner or a staff member in the company.
  • We see their advertisements more often.
  • We have pride for where we live (already touched on this).
  • They can reach our location faster and they’re base of operation is closer.
  • Their phone number is a local area code and not a 1-800 number.

The Major Reason Why We Prefer Doing Business With a Locally Operated Company and Not an International or National One


Using an appliance repair company as an example, I think the major reason why the human race all this time has made the right choice by preferring local companies is obvious but hidden and rather subconscious. I think it’s because we can expect a local company to actually care more about our satisfaction than a national or international company because they live in the same city as us. It might be because we live so close that they don’t want to disappoint us because we can show up at their office and complain at any moment, or it might be because they also have local pride and sincerely want to see their fellow locals better off with a quality job well done.

Still taking Portland OR as an example, just imagine a family wishing for the best service possible. Now taking all the bullet points mentioned above into the equation, we might subconsciously choose a company like Appliance Repair Portland for our fridge repair because they also have local pride and want to see people in Portland OR living comfortably with working appliances, whereas a nation-wide appliance repair business could care less if people in Portland OR specifically are more satisfied that people in Las Vegas NV. Does this make sense? Let me rephrase it in other words just in case my major point went over your head.

Since November we’ve been talking generally about “everything from commercial appliance talk to home oven recipes” and things will stay that way, and all of us who’ve owned a home in any given city for over a year might agree that we care more about our neighbor across the street than we care about some random guy in Russia we’ve never seen or heard about before. We, with all we’ve been talking about, should agree with that statement. Now, with that statement mentioned, try to apply it to our Portland OR appliance repair example. If we care more about our neighbors than we care about some random Russian’s neighbors, than we should perforce care more about our local appliance repair business than we care about some random international appliance repair franchise. And, likewise, a local appliance repair business should then care more about their fellow locals then they do about some randoms on another continent. That’s my main point here!

That’s why I think we subconsciously prefer local businesses over foreign ones. We care about each other! It’s amazing how the mind works. Whether or not you agree, I’m settled on this conclusion. We care more about our locals, and our local businesses care more about us, so we choose them because deep inside we know we’re choosing to work with a business that cares about us, a business that drives up and down the same streets we do. We care about each other, and that says a lot.

The Lifestyle of an Appliance Technician Named Stanley, and Video Games Today…

video games

As a blog that discusses lifestyles at home and at the diner, it’s only relevant to discuss one very interesting lifestyle of a guy named Stanley who has a home and works for diners fixing commercial dishwashers. Stanley’s lifestyle is fascinating for what we’ve concluded to be three major reasons. Those reasons are:

  1. Stanley, although he fixes commercial dishwashers for a living, ironically prefers to wash dishes by hand at home.
  2. While Stanley preaches that everyone should do what they love, he works 12 hour shifts 7 days a week!
  3. All of Stanley’s spare time is spent–can you guess it?–eating, showering and sleeping…

Why is Stanley the Dishwasher Repair Man’s Lifestyle Interesting Enough to Blog About Today?

We believe that Stanley’s lifestyle symbolizes what children who play video games all day fear most. We love the irony in this because Stanley loves his life and is smiling more than aught. Let us expound further.

Today, children play way too many video games and they dread what the future holds. The truth is, kids loathe the reality of adult life because they believe working a job like Stanley’s would not only take away time from video games but would be miserable. Why work so much, they might ask. Honestly, if these kids decided to do something productive sooner than later then they could end up creating the job of their dreams for themselves like Elon Musk did. Maybe we don’t fully understand why lazy children fear having a life like Stanley’s. Maybe it’s not a big deal for in the future lifestyle’s like Stanley’s might not exist anymore as robots take over the appliance repair industry.

At the end of the day, we still think the symbolism and irony that Stanley’s lifestyle brings is worth talking about because it allows us to ask questions about the future jobs for our children. It also pulls a blanket of contrast over the lifestyles of people today compared to 50 years ago, because when Stanley was a kid he never would have been allowed to play video games all day. He was forced by his parents to find a job at the age of fourteen-years-old and so this story brings forth a lot of interesting thoughts.

We hope you enjoyed thinking about this as much as we did. Someone’s lifestyle can say a lot behind the scenes, and that’s why we’re here to talk about them. Enjoy your new year!