Thinking of Becoming an Appliance Repair Expert? Here are some tips!

tips for appliance repair career

This article is designed to give young people a few tips if they’re thinking of becoming an appliance repair expert. Choosing appliance repair as a career is a big decision, so these are some things you should know before making it.

These tips come from direct experience, because when I was in college I did appliance repair odessa services, although the amazing company I used to work for no longer exists but other new ones do who have taken up the call of action, supplying careers for young people like you. I wish I had known these tips at the time, but I didn’t know them until after my brief career as an appliance tech because I had to learn them the hard way, by first hand.

Tip #1:

Get a reliable, fast-acting source for appliance replacement parts. This is something my company never did, and we were expected to find parts on our own as we needed them. Most appliance repair companies won’t have a problem with this, but it’s important either way. People who take it for granted will still agree that they would be at a loss without a good source for shipping in appliance replacement parts.

Tip #2:

Don’t wear the same clothes every day just to wash them on the weekends. A lot of tradesmen make this mistake, and this tip is pretty universal. It applies to appliance repair specifically because often we get to choose our own clothes. Some people wear overalls, others normal civilian clothes, others special technician one-pieces. I recommend having a set of sturdy work clothes for every week day, so that you arrive to work looking and feeling fresh. If you become lazy and where the same overalls everyday like I did when I was new at this work, it’ll affect your confidence and in turn your work.

Tip #3:

If you can, start by creating your own appliance repair company and contract your services to other companies until you have a steady work flow. I learned this mistake from observing old guys who’ve been in this business all their life and wished they were self-employed by the time they were in their late 50s. If you’re young, it’s better to start your own business now while you have the energy and while you’re able to take bigger risks with your finances. To learn more on what a good company is, read this article.

Tip #4:

Work with people you get along with. If you’re currently working with people you don’t get along with, I suggest you quit right now and take tip #3 to heart. Life is too short to fix appliances alongside people you despise, and having a work life that you enjoy is more important than most young people can understand. This is something that makes more sense the older you get, because stress adds up over time.

Tip #5:

Take good care of your appliance repair tools. Even if you didn’t pay much for your tools, taking good care of them is more than just about saving money. It’s about creating a good habit and keeping an orderly work environment. It’s often said that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything, and if you have the habit of abusing your tools that means that habit will leak into other parts of your life. Also, having healthy tools will make your job easier as you can repair appliances faster.

Tip #6:

In the appliance repair industry, the customer is rarely right. Don’t listen to the advice of people who have no idea what they’re talking about. This will make your job harder. If you’re dispatched to repair a fridge and you hear the client say they think they know what’s wrong, never take their word for it. Always assess the appliance yourself with fresh eyes and find the problem that way. Assuming an inexperienced owner, just because they use the appliance every day, knows what’s wrong will make your work harder if you just take their word for it. They might be right half the time, but other times you’ll be glad you didn’t listen to them and replace a part that never needed replacing.

Amarillo Apple Sauce Recipe


Today I want to share a special recipe for what my household calls “Amarillo apple sauce.” To submit a recipe of your own, please send me an email and I’ll consider adding it so a featured post. Thanks!


  1. Either home-made or store-bought apple sauce. The more the merrier.
  2. Raisins.
  3. Cinnamon, powdered.
  4. Fresh banana, diced.
  5. Chocoholic chips.


  1. Mix raisins and chocolate chips with apple sauce.
  2. Heat in microwave till chocolate melts.
  3. Stir again to mix melted chocolate with apple sauce.
  4. Place in fridge to cool.
  5. Mix in rest of ingredients until it looks like a tasty dessert.
  6. Eat and enjoy!

This recipe has been in my family, used in Amarillo since for as long as I can remember. Now I pass it on to you and hope you find it delicious!