My Experience at Home Plate Diner Amarillo as a Kid

Going to that restaurant as a kid was one of my favorite memories with my mom. We would go, sit down and receive great service and always had a good time going there. One special day we ordered a lot of food to take out on a picnic and had the whole family enjoy the restaurant’s food. There’s no other dining experience like it in Amarillo. We enjoyed the food greatly and had so much fun we had a similar picnic the next week just to bring back the happy times.

If you’re in Amarillo, I highly recommend you check out our favorite restaurant there. You’ll love it!

Some of my best memories as a kid revolve around that place because we lived so close to it. Even my memories of playing outside with the neighbors have that restaurant in the background as we would play tag across the street.

Such good times, and we’ll continue to have them!